The bugfoundation team.

Bonjour. Hi. Moin. Hej. Hoi. Dag. Hello. Aloha.

Carolin Schrörs

The mistress of ingredients refines formulas and masters all strict requirements in the business as food retailer while always keeping an eye on our working supply chain. In her areas of responsibility, Caro is multitasking successfully and pleasing you constantly with further developed textures and flavours.

Max Krämer

In 2011, the restless founder came across fried crickets in Asia and subsequently wrote his bachelor thesis about the benefits of eating insects two years later. A driven perfectionist with his innovative hands on every field who is partly working out of his beloved office in Bremen.

Maximilian Kultscher

If anybody can sell you a ballpoint pen it's Max. He's the one finding a way to make it marketable. His goal-oriented work method true to the motto "Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans" keeps him remaining vigilant while being responsible for IT and corporate structure.

Baris Özel

A creative mind and motivator powering himself and others with a chronical good mood who founded the Bugfoundation together with his long-standing friend Max. Early practice makes perfect - Starting with purchase and sale of Playmobil in the 9th grade the two were business partners ever since. A passionate in creative marketing strategies and project planning.

Marie-Kristin Öttl

M is for mission, A is for ambitious, R is for ridiculously powerful, I is for intelligent and E for efficient. Marie boosts the Bugfoundation team in marketing, communication and strategy. She turned out to be a real allround talent who astonishes the Bugfoundation team from day to day!