Insectburger @ REWE

As first German supermarket REWE added the insectburger to their range in April 2018. By now our original and minis are available in over 1.000 REWE-stores in Germany. With about 3.300 stores the food store chain is Germany's second largest food retailer.



Where can I find the insectburger @ REWE?

You can find the following products at over 1.100 REWE stores in Germany:

  1. "Germany's first insectburger - the original" with 2 patties à 98g (in total: 196g)
  2. "Germany's first insectburger - our minis" wit 6 patties à 29g (in total: 174g)

As our burgers are deep-frozen products you can find them in each REWE in the deep-frozen section.

It is also possible to order the burger at the REWE online shop.


You became hungry?

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Wheeeere can I eat this lovely good looking burger made of insects? Here are all the locations across europe!


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