Frequently Asked Questions

Questions people already peppered us with!




1. How does the Bux Burger taste like?


LEKKER! Seriously … the Bux Burger is all about taste! Still, it’s difficult to describe how it exactly tastes like. There is just no such product as the Bux Burger. The high number of insects (43%) gives the patty a characteristic, rather nutty flavour. The taste resembles sunflower seeds or peanuts. After frying the product in high quality plant oil, it causes a pleasant crunchy textural sensation in your mouth. We recommend combining the Bux Burger with a smoky Barbecue Sauce or a creamy Pepper Sauce with which the patty harmonizes incredibly well. The distinctive original taste shall remain unchanged, so it’s for sure! If you want to get a real own impression of the unique Bux Burger taste, devour it all by yourself!


2. The Bux Burger is made of ... ?


The Bux Burger is made of 43% lesser mealworms (Alphitobius Diaperinus), pea protein, onions, water, rapeseed oil, milk protein, parmesan (milk), starch, salt, fermented soybeans, rice and spices.


3. Why frozen and how to prepare the frozen Bux Burger patty?


The Bux Burger is a frozen food product as it guarantees freshness of all ingredients and a long shelf-life 
without adding any preservatives

The Bux Burger patty is preformed and designed to be  fried in your pan directly, without tedious defrosting.
Single Consumer or Chef de Cuisine, it couldn't be easier for whomever prepares a delicious individualized Bux Burger.
Detailed preparation instructions are placed on each packaging. 


4. Can I barbecue the Bux Burger?


No, not yet.
Due to the high content of insects and following the present texture of the burger patty, it is not possible to roast the Bux Burger on a grill. However, in this matter we characterize ourselves as stereotypically German. A problem-solving-process is ongoing in order to make the Bux Burger “barbecueable” as soon as possible.


5. Is the Bux Burger vegetarian or even vegan?


The Bux Burger is made of 43% lesser mealworms which means it is definitely not a vegetarian or even vegan food product. Insects are animals and therefore usually not included in a vegetarian or vegan diet.
However, the breeding conditions can be assessed as species-appropriate compared to intensive livestock farming in the common meat producing industry. Besides, insects generally contain highly valuable proteins and are usually dense in important micronutrients such as iron, zinc and B-vitamins.
As opposed to regular meat, insects are extremely sustainable and resource-saving food for the future.


6. Is the Bux Burger gluten-free and lactose-free ?


The Bux Burger is made from 43% antibiotic-free insect meat and gluten-free plant-based products. As our Bux Burger patty contains milk protein and parmesan, apart from the lesser mealworms, it is not vegan nor lactose-free.


7. Do products from insects contain allergenic or even toxic substances?


To grow our insects in the Netherlands no antibiotics, no hormones and other artificial and critical substances are needed. 
However, be aware: Insects can cause allergic reactions to people with allergy to shellfish and crustaceans.


8. Where are the Bugfoundation’s insects from?
9. How are the lesser mealworms grown?
10. How can I imagine a mealworm being killed?


We can assert, our lesser mealworms simply fall asleep and get reincarnated as Bux Burger. Insects are cold-blooded-animals. Since our lesser mealworms adapt their body temperature to their outer world, they simply fall into kind of hibernation when they get cooled down. This also happens in the nature quiet often, e.g. when it cools down at night. With the difference that they are frozen much longer to not wake up afterwards. Subsequently, the fine chopped insects get processed with all other vegetarian ingredients. 


11. Where can I buy the Bux Burger?
12. Why is the Bux Burger not available in Germany?
13. Bux Burger for your business?


You’re an aspiring restaurant, food truck or catering business owner? As purchaser for your cafeteria, festival or food store you’re looking for a tasty, innovative food product which combines all 4 good reasons to be bought? Push your business forward and get all necessary information by requesting our 'retail bundle' with detailed information, provided for food business owners only! Simply write a mail at