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Again and again we receive exciting questions from you. That’s why we have summarized and answered the most important ones here for you.
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- How should the insect burgers be stored?


Our products are deep-frozen.
Please ensure that the delivery is unpacked and frozen immediately upon receipt. The deep-freeze chain should not be interrupted.

- How long can the insect burgers be kept?


It all depends on the batch you receive.

However, the best-before date is printed on the outer carton.




- How can I order the insect burger?


As a business customer you can order the insect burger via 

- Can I change my order if I have already placed it?


As long as your order has not yet been processed or is already on its way, we can of course still modify it.

As soon as you notice that your order is wrong, please contact us immediately by phone (+49 541 939 339 0).
Then we can see, whether we can still change something about it.




- How long does it take for the order to reach me?


Please contact us to discuss further details.




- Is it possible to pay on account?


Payment on account is generally possible. However, we reserve the right to advance payment for first-time customers.




- How is the insect burger prepared?


Our burger is a frozen product, because that’s how we can guarantee the freshness of all ingredients and a longer shelf life, without using any preservatives.

The burger is preformed and designed to be fried directly in the pan or even baked in a combi-steamer - without tedious defrosting and time-consuming preparation.

Only consume the burger cooked through.

Detailed preparation instructions can be found here.


- Can I grill the insect burger?


Germany's first insect burger tastes especially good when prepared on the grill rack, because it will receive a slightly smoky note.
Our recommendation: Preheat your grill. Coat the patty on both sides with oil. Fold a piece of aluminium foil in the middle and put it on the grill. Put the oiled insect burger on top. Grill it until golden brown on both sides. The patty can easily be loosened from the foil when it is finished. Have fun grilling!

You need some visual support? Then have a look at our video tutorial.

- How long does the insect burger last after defrosting?


If you would like to defrost our insect burger, please do so exclusively in the refrigerator.
Use the defrosted insect burger by the next day at the latest.




- Is the burger vegetarian or even vegan?


The burger patty is made from the so-called buffalo-insects, which means that it is definitely not a vegetarian or vegan food. Insects are also animals, which is why they and our insect burger do not comply with the principles of a vegetarian or vegan diet. However, in contrast to intensive cattle breeding in the meat industry, the breeding conditions of buffalo worms can be described as species-appropriate. In addition, many insect species contain a high proportion of valuable proteins and are usually rich in trace elements, that are important for the human body, such as iron, zinc and B vitamins. Unlike traditional meat, insects are an extremely sustainable and resource-saving food for a sustainable future.

- Does insect-based for contain allergens?


Germany's first insect burger contains: Soya, mustard, gluten, egg and insects.

Important to know: With an allergy on crustaceans and shellfish as well as dust mites the possibility of an allergy on food insects is likely.

- How and where are the buffalo worms being bred?


The buffalo worms are grown in the beautiful Netherlands where our breeder Protifarm is located. The company is optimizing the breeding standard for their insects and is a trustworthy source for our main ingredient. As most insects, buffalo worms feel comfortable in masses and gladly live together with one of their kind. Where mass animal keeping is a critical issue for the consumer nowadays, this argument does not hold for worms as they can easily be bread species-appropriately. Further, no antibiotics, hormones and other artificial and critical substances are needed nor used to grow the insects for our burger.

What are our insects eating? Our breeder formulates it like this:

The diet consists of GMP+-certified vegetable side streams which are in accordance to the European Feed Law. The feed composition has been optimized, through more than 35 years of breeding experience, to increase the efficiency of this valuable resource.

For most consumers it is important that they get vegetable-based feed and that it is 100% traceable (GMP+). In simple words: the buffalo beetle larvae eat feed that is graded for animals used for human consumptions. No waste side streams means, that these are products that remain after the production of food for human consumption. These streams can’t be used for human consumption but, are very useful for animal feed as long as they can be traced and in our case are vegetable. The animals are fed with a composition of dry and wet feed. Because of this wet feed we don’t have to add any water in the breeding process. 

We are always looking for new feed streams, to further improve our sustainability objectives and meet up to our nutritional targets. We will never change suddenly, as it might change the specs. Feed also needs to be available on larger scale and in a constant flow.

Want to know more about our corresponding breeding site?

- Are the buffalo-insects you use organic certified?
- How are the buffalo-insects being killed?


The killing process is comparatively gentle: Insects are cold-blooded animals. By adapting their body temperature to their ambient temperature, they simply fall into a state of rest or hibernation as soon as they are cooled down. This happens quite frequently in nature, for example when temperatures fall at night. Only with the decisive difference that the temperature of our buffalo-insects is cooled down much further and as a consequence they do not wake up from their resting state. The finely chopped insects are further processed with all vegetarian components.

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