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Max und Baris, founders of the Bugfoundation



We are Max and Baris - the founders of the Bugfoundation. Together with our ambitious team, we produce delicious, healthy and sustainable insect-based food. Insects are a very sustainable source of protein. Our burger patty consists of buffalo worms and is therefore rich in proteins and unsaturated fatty acids. In addition, we do not use any additives.
Our insect burger has been available in supermarkets throughout Germany since April 2018. But we quickly noticed that the gastronomy is also demanding new and innovative products.

Our vision: To make eating insects trivial in Europe! We face this challenge every day together with our team.



When we started our trip around the world in 2010, we had no idea what far-reaching consequences this would have. In Bangkok we tried insects for the first time and the idea of eating insects became strong. So, we started the first attempts to create an insect burger in 2014.
With the support of our partners and a funding by INTERREG V / FOOD FUTURE, we were able to sell the first burgers to Belgian and Dutch restaurants in 2015.

In Germany, we were initially prohibited from selling burgers due to legal conventions. But in 2018 we were finally able to start selling in Germany! Since then, we can be found in many REWE stores, selected EDEKA stores and restaurants.

This is how the future tastes!


Mini insect burger, topped with cheese, onions and tomatoes

world ...

the time has come to push some buttons.


Wheeeere can I eat this lovely good looking burger made of insects? Here are all the locations across europe!


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