Not like the others.

Some people consider us crazy. And to be honest: We are.

Our young startup from Germany designs delicious, healthy and sustainable food – made of insects. What started with an ambitious dinner in Southeast Asia on a world trip, became an EU-funded enterprise with insect-based products on the Belgian and Dutch market.

Don’t miss the chance: Try our burger and you will love it.



HEALthy, Sustainable and BUGELICIOUS

Sometimes the small things make the big changes: Edible insects are good for the environment, good for your health and - yes - they taste amazing.

Our BUX BURGER is a delicious burger-patty made of 43% ground buffalo worms. It looks great, it tastes great and - when you eat enough of it - it even makes you look great.

Appealing texture with a mouth-watering flavour - simply bugelicious!



Actually, about two billion people worldwide already eat insects. They are delicious, healthy and incredibly sustainable. Three powerful reasons, that made us fall in love with this extraordinary food source. 

Wanna see the big picture? Press play.



At the moment, the legal framework in Europe only allows us to sell the BUX BURGER in Belgium and the Netherlands. Right now, it is available in a well-known restaurant in the heart of Brussels. The market entry in the Netherlands will follow very soon.

Since we get a lot of enquiries and there will be changes in the European law, the amount of Bux Burger selling restaurants will increase very soon. Subscribe to our newsletter to be informed, when the BUX BURGER comes to your town!


Got hungry? You can either visit one of the restaurants above or send us an enquiry to order it.
Due to logistical reasons, the minimum order quantity is 12 Kg (100 Bux Burger patties).
It doesn’t matter, if you are a restaurant, a catering service or a private person: Just send us an enquiry and we will get in touch with you to MAKE IT HAPPEN.



We are a young start-up company from Germany with an ambitious vision: Making insects an ordinary food source in the western world. We want to contribute to a sustainable agriculture, global food security and decrease malnutrition in developing countries.

Our activities started in February 2014 and since then, we have escalated pretty quickly. We can proudly say today, that we are the first German company releasing an insect based burger, that entered the Belgian market in October 2015.

Marko Bozic

A lover of sports and travelling, Marko is our resident supply chain management guru. His keen eye for detail and passion for logistics keeps the trucks rolling in and out of the Bugfoundation. He prides himself on getting the job done in the most simple and efficient way possible.

Max Kultscher

Did you know his second name is „structure“? Even when the whole office is in panic due to deadlines and work overloads – Max keeps calm and works his way through the madness. He has a goal-oriented work method true to the motto “Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans”. Responsible for IT and business development.

Baris Özel

A creative mind and motivator with a chronical good mood, that founded the Bugfoundation together with Max Krämer. Starting with purchase and sale of Playmobil in the 9th grade, the two were best friends and business partners since then. Expert on creative marketing strategies and project planning.

Max Krämer

The restless founder came across fried crickets in Asia in 2011 and wrote his bachelor thesis about the benefits of eating insects two years later. A general perfectionist with his hands on every field, that is mostly working out of his beloved office in Bremen.

Matthias Hausmann

The exceptional illustrator of the Bugfoundation studies structional engineering and builds bridges in his free time. The man is a machine on the graphics tablet and shapes the corporate design of the company with his sketchy way of drawing.


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Our company has raised a lot of attention in the media lately. Click on the intended medium to see some selected examples. Since we are a German company, the reports are all in German language.

From time to time, we get nominated to attend Bussiness Founder Awards. Taking part has a lot of benefits: For example, you get free drinks and good food at the award ceremonies. Besides, it can give our amazing Bux Burger the attention it deserves!


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