Not like the others.

Some people consider us crazy. And to be honest: We are.

Our young startup from Germany designs delicious, healthy and sustainable food – made of insects. What started with an ambitious dinner in Southeast Asia on a world trip, became an EU-funded enterprise with insect-based products on the Belgian and Dutch market.

Don’t miss the chance: Try our burger and you will love it.


HEALthy, Sustainable and BUGELICIOUS

Sometimes the small things make the big changes: Edible insects are good for the environment, good for your health and - yes - they taste amazing.

Our BUX BURGER is a delicious burger-patty made of 43% ground buffalo worms. It looks great, it tastes great and - when you eat enough of it - it even makes you look great.

Appealing texture with a mouth-watering flavour - simply bugelicious!